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          When Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff, stated that 资本主义是死于达沃斯, it made us re-examine what got us to this point
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          通过意见表达 企业家 出资人自己。

          It’s not often that death is a happy thing, but the clarion call that came out of Davos recently that capitalism is dying couldn’t make my social enterprise heart happier.





          I believe we’re seeing a realignment of values once again with business’s recent rejection of capitalism as we’ve known it. Just look at last year when the 美国商业圆桌会议, including 161 execs from the most valuable companies, renounced shareholder primacy for the first time ever.

          “We need to move from shareholder engagement to stakeholder engagement” said Leanne Kemp, Queensl和 Chief 企业家, at Davos this year.



          我们已经进步在过去的400年显着。难道我们的教育,就业,医疗和卫生,现在更多的机会,平均预期寿命延长。 1950年,75%的世界人口生活在极端贫困,今天,这个数字是不到10%。我们从90不见了%的人口是20%上升到文盲





          作为一个社会,我们已经集中在个人主义在社区,并在我们的区域中心城市超过同行。我们外在化的成本,我们在西方看不到的地方 - 无论是来自废塑料的负面影响到亚洲的工厂,或在美国的大片,甚至绝对贫困的地区,现代奴隶制。有许多美国人生活在绝对贫困塞内加尔(5.3million)..不应该有生活在贫困中的任何地方的人。

          And it’s not just people that are suffering. Two-thirds of the words vertebrate species are becoming extinct.


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          Why is this all important? Because when the CEO of Salesforce, Marc Benioff, stated that 资本主义是死于达沃斯,它使我们重新审视什么让我们这一点。 

          “A business, which means a commercial activity considered in terms of profit. Commerce is the activity of buying 和 selling, especially at a large scale.”


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          But one way communities have been addressing the issue around valuing people since the start of the industrial revolution is with the co-operative movement. I mentioned The Rochdale Cooperative before, which set the modern principles for the co-operative movement - valuing more than profit, voluntary membership, democratic votes, education, 和 co-operation amongst co-operatives as the guiding tenants. The definition of a cooperative is a group united voluntarily to meet common economic, social, & cultural needs through a jointly-owned & democratically-controlled enterprise.

          “Although cooperative businesses have been responsible for many market innovations 和 corrections of market imperfections, little is known about their impact as an economic sector.”

          合作社不需要小 - 西班牙有超过合作mondagon 10万会员的业主和102家公司的联合。一组学生开始在20世纪50年代合作巴斯克地区,这在当时是西班牙最贫穷的地区,因为他们无法找到工作。他们嵌入式民主原则,现在他们的区域最繁华的在西班牙的一个。



          Instead of trying to train and activate the rest of the world, what if we gave the communities most affected the tools 和 support to solve their own problems?




          Consumers are now dem和ing that the companies they buy from, are giving something back. 77%英国消费者的百分之 said they have or would boycott a product based on the company’s environmental waste policies. It's also resulted in 86 per cent of the S&P 500 publishing sustainability/responsibility reports annually, up from just 20 per cent in 2011.

          我们已经看到了它过,随着股市集资。利用你的家乡父老回到道德意识的企业的权力。在2019年,我们看到超过$ 35万投资于这些类型的在澳大利亚和新西兰的业务。投资者要求看到从变化的影响和投资的企业他们,这只能是我们的地球和社会的好事。社会主义是获得牵引力意识无论是在商界和政界和我很高兴现在和未来!

          We’re standing on the shoulders of not giants, but our ancestors and community, and in the words of gender equality activist Diana Ryall, I hope that we will leave a planet that our gr和kids could be proud of.


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